Quadra’s office

For 30 years, the “QUADRA Architecture & Management” studio has been developing neighbourhoods, nursing homes and retirement facilities, as well as company buildings and all kinds of diversified projects throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, all having as a common point the strong and mastered combination between architecture, town planning and project management.


Our goal is to come up with current, sustainable and realistic projects which are, above all, pleasant to live in.

QUADRA’s team and staff are mainly composed by architects and town planners but takes into account and coordinates the expertise of stability and technical engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, as well as the environmental impact studies offices, the energetic efficiency managers, safety coordinators… in order to offer a coherent answer that is perfectly integrated in its environment.

In close partnership with its clients and developers, QUADRA ensures a constructive dialogue with the cities, municipalities and all the various administrations concerned throughout the design process, all that while taking into consideration the respect of the existing residents and neighbourhoods. Once the permit is obtained, QUADRA’s objective is to create a proactive collaboration with the construction companies and to control the quality of the constructions until the receptions are signed.

Thanks to these working methods, our clients have developed a trustworthy relationship with QUADRA, which today, is proud to say we have the pleasure of enjoying a loyal clientele.
The result is the creation of projects where life is enjoyable and enjoyed, projects where everyone wins.

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